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FM thrusts onerous obligation of deducting TDS on all purchasers of immovable property over Rs.50 lakhs 

The taxing proposal, which came to be announced by Pranab Mukherjee in his Budget proposals in February, 2012, but soon came to be rolled back, when he realized its harsh implications, has quite astonishingly been sneaked in once again by P. Chidambaram in the Finance Bill, 2013.


Attempting to justify the reintroduction, the FM tried to explain in his Budget speech, “Transactions in immovable properties are usually undervalued and underreported.  One-half of the transactions do not carry the PAN of the parties concerned.  With a view to improve the reporting of such transactions and the taxation of capital gains, I propose to apply TDS at the rate of one percent on the value of the transfer of immovable property where the consideration exceeds Rs.50 lakhs.  However, agricultural land will be exempt.”


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