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Firm or company can claim depreciation on car purchased out of its funds, though in the name of its partner or director!

                    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  This Shakespearean quote seems to have inspired as many five High Courts to hold that the Income-tax Department cannot refuse the claim for depreciation on a vehicle owned by a company or a firm, on the mere ground that it is not registered in its name, but stands in the name of its director or partner. Interestingly, there is no decision of any court or tribunal that has taken a contrary view on the subject.

             Section 32 of the Income-tax Act entitles a taxpayer to claim depreciation at prescribed rates for assets owned and used by the taxpayer for purposes of his business or profession. In case of a vehicle such as a motor car, it is common to come across cases where the car is registered under the Motor Vehicles Act in the name of a partner or a director (since it is a lot more economical to do so in terms of RTO taxes and registration charges), though the same has actually been purchased by a firm or company out of its own funds, or if acquired through borrowed funds the loan is repaid along with interest by the firm or company.


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